Teacher(s): Sherri Callahan
Grade(s): 7, 8
School: Hinson Middle School
County: Volusia
Lesson Title:
Masking Tape Mural
(From www.theartofed.com)
State-Adopted Arts Course Description Number, Title, and Description:

Unit Theme (optional): Contemporary Art and Materials
Lesson Focus: Graffiti Art

Lesson Description: Students will work in teams to create masking tape murals using line variation and/or hatching
Next Generation SSS in the Arts:

LACC and/or MACC:
CCRA.W.2: write informative/explanatory texts…
CCCSS.MATH: make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Books, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
Books, DVDS, websites:

Art Materials: sketchbooks, masking tape



Line variation, hatching, cross-hatching, media, subject, representational, non-representational, abstract, copyright, 2D, 3D, elements of design (line, shape, form, color, value, space, texture), line, shape, form, value, contrast, hue, pattern, repetition, rhythm, balance, symmetry

Lesson Strategy:
Getting Started:
Essential Question:
  1. What are the similarities and differences in masking tape murals and graffiti? How do the materials compare and contrast?
  1. Generate ideas – ask students to name topics important to being a teenager in middle school. (appearance, popularity, money, affection, family, future, acceptance…)
  2. Form Teams and Sketch. Teams can be based on topics. Group members review each others images and create a new sketch/compilation based on group ideas. Students practice with tape on table to practice using this new medium. (practice tricky curved lines)
  3. Create Murals – students consider contrast, location and traffic when choosing locations. Teams go to work with masking tape. Encourage line variation to enhance tape drawings.

Assessment of Student Learning:
Formative: student sketchbooks, student practice with tape in classroom, on tables, student discussion, student teamwork and planning Summative: written statement of final mural process, photo of final image