GRID PORTRAITS - study proportion and value

Project Objective: Students will create a 5 value self-portrait from a smaller format image.

Students will:

Practice using a ruler to make an accurate grid on a given surfacePractice tranferring a drawing with the expanded grid drawing method (worksheet practice)Understand the Design Element of Value with practice exercises (worksheet practice)Transfer a drawing of the values and shapes of a photo of themselves to a larger format, using the grid method of drawing (practice of contour drawing methods previously taught)Paint the finished expanded drawing in 5 values of a chosen primary or secondary colorPaint the background of the drawing with a color of student's choiceDisplay finished artwork in our Media Center

Instruction Procedures / Formative Assessment. Through guided demonstrations and practice, students will:

5 points: Draw a 1" grid with a ruler, overlaying a highly contrasted and "posterized" photo of student (was the student successful?)5 points: Draw a 2" grid on heavyweight watercolor paper (was the student successful?)
5 points: Practice expanded grid drawing with worksheet. (was the student successful?)
5 points: Practice 5 value scale with paint (worksheet). (was the student successful?)
10 points: Copy the the shapes/lines/values observed in 1" b/ w image to 2" painting surface. (was the student successful?)
Hint: approximation, proportion and plotting points guide the contour drawing; use the "space squares" to focus and check drawing work/progress
Hint: Work methodically. Check work from small part/grid to overall image. Recognize method over intuition. (learn to see, not what you think should be)Hint: Label each shape you have drawn on your 2" grid to correspond to the value on your 1' grid (1 = lightest value; 5 = darkest value)10 points: Paint the corresponding color values on the expanded grid (2" surface)PS - trust the process and you will succeed!

Summative Assessment of Completed Project: (25 points)

See Holistic Rubric for 2-D Artwork for grade 6-8